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R&D Strength

Technological innovation is the core competitiveness of Huanya Company. Since its establishment, the Company has always focused on consumers' aspirations and needs for a better life and better environment, and has carried out research and development innovations in new raw materials, new technologies, new processes and new experiences.


Mature research system

R&D team of Huanya Company brings together a variety of professionals from different disciplines such as Chinese herbal medicine, biological sciences, microbiology, materials chemistry, organic chemistry and pharmaceutical preparation, and two major R&D centers have been established in China and Australia.




Established in 2007, the China headquartered research institute covers such R&D fields as skin material research and development, formulation research and development, basic application research and TCM research. The Institute has such precision instruments and equipment as GS-MS, HPLC, VISIA skin image analyzer, sunscreen factor analysis system, skin melanin/heme tester, MTT175 hair tester, etc. In 2016, the in-vitro cell biology laboratory was established for an accurate and effective alternative to animal testing; the Australian Research Institute was established in 2015, focuses on forward-looking technological innovation, formulation application development of daily chemical products, etc. Presently, the Australian Research Institute has already conducted industry-university-institute collaboration with local renowned universities and research institutes in such areas as research and development of new raw materials, extraction and biosynthesis of active ingredients, 3D skin evaluation models and clinical efficacy evaluation and so on.





Multi-dimensional research collaboration

Huanya Company has always been committed to the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research to strengthen the innovation synergy, complementary advantages and resource sharing in the cosmetic industry chain. Huanya Company has cooperated with academician Sun Baoguo, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to set up a Chinese cosmetic academician workstation to carry out joint research with academicians and their innovation teams on key technical difficulties in cosmetics; the Company has also started multi-dimensional scientific research collaboration with Beijing Technology and Business University, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Institute, BHI of Japan, BASF of Germany BASF, etc., and has achieved a number of technical results.




Fruitful research results

At present, Uniasia has been successfully approved high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Uniasia Daily Cosmetics Academician Workstation, Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Daily Cosmetics (Uniasia) Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institute, Guangzhou Innovative Enterprise, Guangzhou Innovation Benchmark Hundred Enterprises, Guangdong Industrial Design Center, Guangzhou Huangpu Post-doctoral Innovation Center, Guangdong Doctor Workstation, etc. Uniasia has obtained 201 authorized patents, including 127 invention patents, 20 utility models and 56 designs. Won 34 scientific and technological progress awards at all levels, including 9 provincial and ministerial awards, 1 special award, 6 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 17 third prizes; A total of 119 scientific and technological academic papers have been published, and 40 scientific and technological achievements have been appraised (among which 2 are international leaders and 4 are international advanced); There are  6 famous high-tech products; Participate in the revision of 25 standards, including 2 national standards, 1 industry standard and 22 group standards.(Data as of November 15, 2023)