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Social Welfare

Be grateful, return the society

The founder and staffs of Uniasia deeply realize that the flourishing development and brilliant success of Uniasia depend on the efforts of all Uniasia staffs, benefits the opening policy of the party and country and the care and support of gentries of all levels. Therefore, with the grateful heart, Uniasia returns the society and donates the country with real action when the country and society and poor people require support from enterprises. Here we only introduce several samples to show the briefing of Uniasia in social welfare.


Meifubao, a brand of Uniasia Group, exclusively obtained the naming right of the large encouraging real person show program “Transformation”, and started the “Meifubao sunshine program”. Meifubao volunteers followed the program shooting team, donated the great gift package for the helping education of the children in mountainous regions. Since October 2013, Meifubao volunteers have went to Labo County in Lijiang City, Yanshan County in Wenshan City, Taijiang County in Guizhou Province, Ninglang County in Yunnan Province together with the Transformation of Meifubao, sent love and warmness to nearly one thousand children in mountainous regions. We care for the children and their growth, Uniasia Group and Meifubao Brand practice the fine promise of “making the world become more beautiful” with their actions!




In order to fill into the pity that China doesn’t have the beauty and cosmetic culture show platform, Uniasia has invested a lot to construct the “Beauty & Cosmetics Museum” which is the first one in the world to state the Chinese beauty history&culture, and collects nearly 1000 precious articles including bronze mirror series, powder box series, hairpin series, dressing series, makeup box series, aromatic box series and headwear series, and shows the development of the Chinese beauty and cosmetic culture. Since the establishment “Beauty & Cosmetics Museum” has received numerous Chinese and foreign guests, and has actively exerted the function of carrying forward the Chinese traditional beauty and cosmetic culture. In February, 2010, “Beauty & Cosmetics Museum” was selected as The Base for Patriotic Education by CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee.




Uniasia Company is the national enterprise, Uniasia staffs are brave to share the worries with the historical responsibility of “undertake the difficulties of the country”. In early 1990s at the early period of the opening policy, the enterprise was reformed and the surplus staffs were laid off, there were surplus labors in the rural areas, and the society was facing a great pressure on labor employment. At that moment, Uniasia stood out, with the scientific thought of “To teach fishing is better than to give fish”, and timely established Kunming Uniasia Beauty and Hairdressing Vocational School, and provided free education for several years, altogether cultivated more than 8000 students, provided the skill for them with the capacity of employment and reemployment, which was proved with the Award Certificate issued by Kunming Municipal People’s Government.




Uniasia Company is the national enterprise, Uniasia staffs stand leading on solving difficulties of the country with the social responsibility of “go all out when the country is under difficulty”. When hearing the happen of Sichuan Wenhuan Great Earthquake, Uniasia leaders and staffs stood out, and donated for the people in disaster area with fastest speed, and passed the love to local people through two channels: first, deliver the donation to the Guangzhou Development Zone government, second, contact related local government, assist to construct “Hope Primary School”. Uniasia staffs are very gratified when the “Hope Primary School” was constructed in Baosheng Village of Lushan County.




Uniasia Company is the national enterprise, Uniasia staffs actively attend the public welfare activities organized by the government and organizations with the national responsibility of “strive for flourishing the nationality”. Sichuan Yilong County is the hometown of the proletariat revolutionist --- Zhu De, is the old revolutionary base area and is also the poor area in west China. In the first year of the 21st century, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce organized the private enterprises to visit Yilong County, and Uniasia leader accepted the invitation. The situation of the local people and the expectation of the poor area have deeply moved the heart of Uniasia leader who decided to donate on site for assisting local to improving the teaching conditions and flourishing the national education, which earned high praise from All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce which issued the “China Society For Promotion Of The Guangcai Program Donation Certificate” to Uniasia.




Uniasia Company is brave to undertake the national and social responsibilities, and is also brave to undertake the industrial responsibilities. On the one hand, Uniasia actively promotes the industrial communication and development, and has sponsored such international and domestic contests as “2002 China 5th World Chinese Hairdressing Invitation”, “2008 Chicago (32nd) World up Hair Dress Contest China Delegation” with certain contribution to the development of the cosmetics industry.