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Uniasia Pledge Annual Collects the Strength of All Staffs

Enterprisewhich doesn’t have mission can’t walk far. Uniasia Pledge Annual intents to constantly strengthening the enterprise mission of “creating top products for consumers, creating a better life for staffs, and creating outstanding brand for the nationality”, and strives for innovating and achieving the enterprise mission with the strength of all staffs.


Mass Pledge and Annual Party 2018- The New Era of Uniasia Responds to the Situations and Comes

On 24th December 2018, the 10th enterprise annual party of the Uniasia Group was grandly held at Zhuhai Changlong Hengqin Bay Hotel. Hu Xingguo (chairman of the Group) and Wu Zhiqing (president of the Group) and several thousand Uniasia employees, dealers and media guests got together and jointly witnessed the “new era of Uniasia”.




Mass Pledge and Annual Party 2017-Forging the New Era of Uniasia

On 25th December 2017, the 9th mass pledge and annual party of the Uniasia Group was grandly held at Guangzhou Changlong International Exhibition Center. The Annual Party took “integrating the global resources, promoting mass entrepreneurship and forging the new ecology of Uniasia” as the theme, and started the grand work of “new era of Uniasia”. All of leaders and employees of the Uniasia Group, market and sale elites all over China, excellent dealers and suppliers and important guests in and outside the industry gathered, and jointly witnessed starting of new era of Uniasia.



Launching Conference 2016-UNIASIA AGE!

On 19the December 2016, the 8th Company Annual Conference of Uniasia Group with theme of “Uniasia Age” was held at Dongguan Jiahua Hotel. Mr. Hu Xingguo (Chairman of Uniasia Group), Mrs. Wu Zhiqing (the CEO) and several thousand Uniasia employees, and many important guests at home and abroad, had a get-together in Dongguan and participated in such conference. At the conference site just like as the time travel passage, the guests on the spot took “splendid” train of Uniasia Group and jointly traveled to “Uniasia Age” in 2017.




2014 Pledge Annual --- TOGETHER WE CAN

On 9th December 2014, the 7th Mobilization and Award Ceremony of Uniasia Group with the theme of “TOGETHER WE CAN” was grandly opened at Guangzhou Changlong Theatre. All of employees of Uniasia Group and more than 5000 marketing elites, dealers and suppliers all over China got together, shared the experiences and stories of Uniasia Group in past 25 years and witnessed the brands of the Group to open the new historical chapters.




2013 Pledge Annual --- Advance, Strive, Exceed and Conquer

On 8th January 2013, the 6th Mobilization Annual Conference of Uniasia Group with the theme of “Conquer” was solemnly held at Guangzhou International Performance and Art Center. All of employees of Uniasia Group and more than 5000 marketing elites and dealers all over China jointly witnessed the peak time of the annual conference. The great cry resounded in the stadium, and the mobilization scene was very grand and presented the great passion of Uniasia people and the decision to make conquer in 2013. This was just as the theme of “Conquer” during the entire annual conference, Uniasia Group has conquered many difficulties in 2013, continuously advances, strives and exceeds!




2012 Pledge Annual --- Elites for Further Development 

On 4th January 2012, the Mobilization Annual Confernce of Uniasia Group in 2012 was solemnly held at Guangzhou International Performance and Art Center. Leaders of different divisions of the Uniasia Group Headquarter, leaders of different brand business centers, all of employees, leaders of more than 170 dealers, more than 3000 marketing elites, more than 300 market terminal retail partners, leaders of more than 200 suppliers all over China and friends from the industry and media got together, jointly witnessed the largest and grand mobilization annual conference of Uniasia Group since its establishment. In 2012, Uniasia people will be united, continuously explore, continuously exceed, and let us release our lofty sentiment and achieve the hero dream!




2010 Pledge Annual --- Peak of Mountain

On December 25, 2009, Uniasia Group 2010 Pledge Annual was successfully closed in the Xianghe Grand Epoch City of Beijing. The Annual site was very hot with roaring cheers, and all Uniasia staffs were high-spirited and vigorous. This Annual had a big size, strong team and grand scene. Over 2000 staffs attended the Annual which was the one with most attendants in the history of Uniasia Group. Under the leadership of chairman Hu Xingguo, Uniasia Group has sized up the situation with the wisdom of all staffs, and achieved constant development with one and another brilliances.



2009 Pledge Annual --- New Start Point • New Journey • New Height

On December 24, 2008, the Uniasia 2009 Pledge Annual was held in Zhengzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, and over 1200 attendants including the outstanding provincial class agencies and guests jointly witnessed the great moment with lion dance and grand bash. All Uniasia staffs are working together for brilliance 2009, and developing a wider land for the brand.



2008 Pledge Annual --- Believe the strength of partners

On December 18, 2007, Uniasia Group staffs and national wide outstanding provincial agencies team gathered in Guangzhou to attend “Uniasia 2008 Believe the Strength of Partners” Pledge Annual to strengthen the confidence with centralized internal training. Uniasia Cosmetics Co., Ltd. which settled in Guangzhou Science Town was also established in the annual, which symbolized that Uniasia was stepping onto a new step.



2007 Pledge Annual --- Sincerity • Comity • Innovation

On December 30, 2006, Uniasia Group staffs and the outstanding provincial agency team gathered in Zhengzhou of China with high vigor to highlight the force and charm, and greet the new target and new challenges with high morale.