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        Legal Statement

        The disclaimer statement of the websites of Huanya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (www.advitinfotech.com, www.advitinfotech.com.cn, www.meifubao.com, www.franic.cn, hereinafter called as “the website”) is the promise of the website to protect the information of enterprises and individual members, and is applicable for you to visit the website, register and use the online service of Huanya Group, therefore, here is introducing the collection, use and protection policies on personal information of the user, please carefully read:

        Information Open and Share
        Related enterprise information of the website is not allowed to transfer without approval. We promise not to provide, sell, rent, share and transact the personal information of the users to any third party. We will kindly reveal your information if we are required to provide according to the law and requirements of the government.

        Use of Cookies
        Our website will use Cookies for providing considerate and personalized service for you. When you logon our website, we will save related information with Cookies, record your personal favors and use habit, so that our website may identify you when you visit again, thus providing interested information or save your password, and you needn’t to input the password when visiting our website again. You may also close this function, and then our website will stop the services provided by Cookies.

        Privacy Modification and Opinion Feedback
        As the expansion of the service scope, we will update our Disclaimer Statement. Please check the Disclaimer Statement when visiting our website. We will list out related regulations at the obvious location of our website when serious modification is presented to the policies on user’s information, so as to timely notify you.

        Brand Statement
        Article I: Meifubao and Franic products have two sales channels, the first one is to sell through local agencies --- franchised stores (beauty salons) --- customer; the other is to sell through network authorized agency --- online sales platform and store --- online terminals. Meifubao and Franic authorized stores and online stores may recommend corresponding products to the customer with professional and senior beauty consultants according to the skin demands of the customer for assuring max efficiency.
        Article II: Our company only authorizes and certifies the online channels which have certain qualification and reputation and issue authorization certificate with specific code, therefore, our company only takes the responsibilities for the products which are sold from authorized channel, the “Meifubao and Franic Products” which are sold by unauthorized organ or individual online or other non designated channels shall be looked as counterfeit and shoddy products, and our company doesn’t undertake any responsibility for them. Please call our official hotline 400-000-8508 for checking the sale channel and product.
        Article III: “Meifubao and Franic Products” sold online without authorization and got from abnormal channels shall be looked as non designated channel, and shall be looked as the behavior of infringing our right, and our company holds the right to run related legal responsibilities. Our company doesn’t undertake any responsibility for the consumers who suffer from the fakement. We are asking the consumers to purchase our products from the normal channels.
        Article IV: Please see related laws and regulations for the items which are not covered in this statement, the laws and regulations shall prevail if there’s any conflict between this statement and laws and regulations.
        Article V: Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. holds the modification and final explanation right on the statement.