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On December 18, 2007, the first cosmetic culture museum in China --- Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetic Museum was formally established. Uniasia Group and the founder Mr. Hu Xingguo, Ms Wu Zhiqing bravely undertook the historical responsibility, established the special department with high investment to collect nearly 1000 articles and pictures on Chinese beauty and cosmetic culture from dozens of cities and rural areas and more than 6000 antique stores in South China, Central China, Southwest China, East China, North China, Northeast China and Northwest China with the support of industrial associations, provincial and municipal culture administration, and under the guidance of experts after years of efforts, established the first beauty and cosmetic history museum in China. Currently, the Museum composes of 6 parts including Beauty History, Beauty Technology, Focus on the Industry, Beautiful Dedication, Top Collections and Splendid Culture, and exhibits the typical dressing articles and a lot of cosmetic products with national characteristics during different periods, and shows 8 series such as mirror, powder box and comb and so on according to the evolvement of history.It is said by related Guangzhou culture expert: it is shown in related document, there’s only two beauty and cosmetics museums in the world, one is in Australia, and the other is “Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetic Museum” which is the first one in the world to state the Chinese beauty history&culture. 


It is appraised by related social gentries after visiting the museum before formal opening: “Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetic Museum” shows the history with articles, introduces the history with pictures, shows the scene with articles and highlights the articles with scene, which is very precious as the top of exhibiting articles; the entire museum is the splendid picture of history with infinite charm.


The opening of “Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetic Museum” starts the first step of systematically sorting the history and carrying forward culture; however, Chinese beauty and cosmetic has a long history and requires deep and careful research; with the leadership and instructions of governmental administrations and industrial associations, with the support of related organs, under the construction and management of Uniasia Company, with the care of the public, we are striving for developing the “Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetic Museum” into the world outstanding and China top industry museum.